Social Alchemy: My Streams of Thought.

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Unfinished thoughts:

Updated /26/2022

Social Alchemy: My Streams of Thought.

These are just thoughts from a guy walking down a road, within a moment in time. On occasions there have been chances and reasons to stop an watch and listen. What ones experience can change the journey. These are not in order.

By Nathan Chukueke

Our attitudes may not be enough to gain understanding of what is real or possible.

Dare one see beyond their so-called social station, as hot labored breaths are taken behind mask of self rationalizing perception?

Ignorance and assumptions are the breeding ground for prejudice and a tool of deviant social alchemy. 
Ignorance loves apathy. Apathy loves compliance.

The issues of social reorganization and prosperity becomes not one of altering the existing genocidal system but merely who controls it. Often our sense of humanity is overridden by our desire to meet a social-economic standard of living in which prejudice is condoned and institutional promoted. It is perfectly acceptable to be a so-called spiritually aware person and be a bigot in America. Personnel enlightenment doesn’t include multi dimensional cultural literacy.

When will we learn that underlying causes are as important as the symptoms of a social disease or injustice? For example, the destruction of German and the Japanese aggression in World War Two fell short dealing with the economic, social, and cultural issues in those countries that were used by violent social reformists to spark social unrest and violent nationalist social reforms. Such deep-rooted problems as the excess of focus on:

  • material wealth verses public equity of resources
  • equitable nationalism [ if such a thing exist]
  • subjective puritan ethical standards
  • narrow definitions of spiritual faith turn into religious despotism

All can lead to the expansion of social conflict and unrest. These issues and other problems come to haunt societies, samll groups of people over and over again. Of course, this all often occurred cause short sided social structures and designs. Social alchemy done with used with care can avoid at least some of these problems.

Prejudice: In some ways prejudice is a phobia or irrational fear. Our denial of the existence of this mental disorder individuals and social groups makes recovery more difficult. An obstacle in curbing human bigotry is that society has very few therapeutic methods to treat prejudice, unlike drug abuse.

Then we can learn not to use each other for our own selfish desires, which are unfortunately are often masked under the cloud of family, religious, or nationalist self serving values. Some societies may develop for the benefit of all. No, the problem is not too big. Then we slowly alter our perception of each other to become more aware of the fact of what we are and can become: by reading, talking, reflecting on our perception of self and each other, society may yet evolve to beyond our perceptions and expectations of each other. 

History has shown us that one’s vision can blurred by the need to be right. Logic has no meaning when many feel threatened. Fear and pain become a license for our actions. We suppress our humanity and indulge in a tasty feast of revenge and intellectual legitimation. From L.A. to South Africa prejudice goes beyond race and culture. Prejudice is often an indulgence in self righteousness and self pity. To drown in revenge is no victory!

In most societies, humans are only trained to use part of their being. The suppression of much of the human potential creates the development of only certain parts of a human being or society. This is one form of social control. It is the muscular body and the analytical mind that is developed first in western society. The spiritual and emotional being of humanity is physiologically under developed in some non-western societies and others it is in arrested development, at time by design. Often when there is an imbalance in the human relationship with the environment, conflict in values, or the infringement of one perception over another, aspects of a society can fracture, also possible by, at the least, short sided design. The under nurtured or suppressed parts of the human potential may still manifest themselves without formal support. Thus is the hidden potential of human beings may still prevail, but not as a common norm.

 The suppression of spirit may have contributed to the concept of an artist differing from the rest of mainstream society.

The unperformed artist of the mind creates from within, what some call, Taoism, the uncarved block.  Creating art in this way becomes a matter of developing aspects of sanity.

Our attitudes may hinder or even transcend what is needed for an understanding of our potential.  Just as enlightenment may hinder complacence or obedience to the rule of law, whether or not they are justice for all.

Some mock that which they one day may become. How much of one’s contempt of others is fear or learned behavior? To pass the fear, some are taught to see that destiny or fate is really only one of many roads, we may travel. Then again, disdain may mask hope from a cynical and fearful eye, chained to past dreams, addiction to righteousness and knowledge. Depth of knowledge can mean many things.

Must the dreamer awaken to know the difference between the dream, the physical world, degrees of perception and how they are linked? Perhaps, it is hard to awaken, when the dream appears as a nightmare. The issues in social alchemy are often based upon what influences we perceive upon ourselves. Whom do we fear, the future not of our design? This one aspect trinities of the social perception.

Social Philosophy in a Weaponized World of Conflict

  • Does your philosophy need to be weaponized to be valid?
  • To whom is peace and contentment a liability?

Perception Notes:

There seems to be a deep poverty of perception in what civil rights means in post industrial societies.