Bio, the site and ideas.

My name is Nathan Mutanda Chukueke. I was born in Manhattan, New York. The site was started in 2000 using The idea of social alchemy is ancient. It can be found in threads of history. Its general idea is that living things change and hopefully grow better when their existence is nurtured, but not manipulated.

I never really used the site, intentional. Over the last twenty years some have wanted to buy the domain name. I did not sell it. It was not also actively used, because it was not time to use it. Part of the idea in parking the site was to observe how others internalized and expressed the idea. It has been interesting to see how people have thought and used an idea that is barely accepted nor cited by academics and their institutions.

It should be mentioned I am not a scientist or scholar. My background professionally, culturally, or nationally has some influence in forming the my interpretation of concept of social alchemy.

While I came up with the term on my own, others have done the same before me and I’ve seen afterwards . Again, in my case what influenced concept coming together was the fact my experiences and associations.

My mother Pearlease Alston was social work supervisor in the area of psychology in New York City. She exposed me to the New York City world of social welfare, the NAACP and civil rights movement growing up in Brooklyn.

My grandfather was Ralph Wilder, a master Carpenter, member of Freemasons and Elks of Charleston in South Carolina. His son Allen Wilder was a member of the Alpha lodge of Freemason in New York City. They were care taker of some of my recreational time as a young man in living New York and summers in Charleston. Their time spent with me, what I saw them do and taught me about the aesthetics of nine craft, the multiple dimensions human interaction, and the honor in the tradition of workmanship was invaluable. It was their influence that led to me to current my decades long fellowship with one of the Rosicrucian orders. From the Rosicrucian and my grandfather Mr Wilder the notion of social ethics and brotherhood was nurtured.

Being fortunate enough, in some ways, to have grown up in New York City I have been able to be exposed very traditional Chinese martial arts, which included studies in to Taoism and Buddhism, as there relates mind, body and culture. Some of the oldest yoga organization in America exist in Manhattan, New York. The resources of these groups have greatly improved my knowledge of Hindu Hatha and Jnana yoga and how they have influenced esoteric western organic metaphysical.

Then my own experiences of world travel, decades of associations with New York arts scene and those I have assicated with has also impacted how I see the world. In some ways it could be said, I am product of sort of Invisible college.