Elements of History

Our commitment to change must first come from within. We must develop the ability of self-reflection, without becoming overwhelmed with self-doubt, arrogance, dependence on subjective normative logic or dogma based on tilte or power. . Humble self reflect and other steps can aid in making healthy social change for those existing within interdependent systems.

Fear not the past: it helps makes up who we are today. It helps aid how well we can be ready for the future. If our so called victories and failures are viewed from the lens of reviewing our own perception and how that has guided us, we can note how these points of view on seeing, knowing but also being were forms and the tools used.

For such change to be lasting and nuturing the individuals, leaders, scientist and social alchemist must accept that their perceptions and actions may influence other interdependent systems that they actively or passively interact with regularly. For example US trade can influence global markets, which in turn impacts US domestic growth.

While this example may seem like matter of primary economic policy, its impact influences both individual and social groups. Both can have their perception of self and society altered by social change.