Digital Social Alchemy

While social alchemy has many dimensions such political, cultural, geographical and economical. aspects it is social perception that binds this mixture elements together, in many forms.  

Digital Social Alchemy: 

How can digital communication tool design and thoughtful long term policy long term policy enhance society and protect the environment upon which it exist.

“As above, so below; as below, so above.”–The Kybalion

 I present this notion in the context of the Transhuman movement. This idea being the people basically enhance the mind and physical being by altering themselves using technology be be beyond human. It can also be seen as one notion of human transformation. It may not be the only road to personal transformation, but it does offer ideas for tools in social alchemy. 

There is a video addressed this issue in the context of interactive technology. 

The video was called: SIMULACRA, DEEPFAKES, AND AUGMENTED REALITY. It address some of the dangers and benefits of Augmented AR and Virtual reality VR technologies. 

  • One concern is how and at what pace will digital interactive reality technology, particularly Augmented AR and Virtual reality VR, will impact implicitly and directly dynamics the social dynamic of those using such tool within a society, but also ecosphere?
  • Can these technologies influence changes in how people interact, as much as what happened with the introduction of computers, cell phones and even mass transportation into a social culture?
  • Whom will have excess to these interactive tools? Will they be for the collective growth and evolution social groups, society and its environment? 

Corporations, governments, religious groups and science should not be allowed to individually decide how humans digitally interact with themselves or their environments. Public policies should collectively analyze, with great humility, how digital interactive reality technology, and the ways in which people interact will influence social perception of those using these tools. As with earlier interactive technologies, these tools often will outlast nation state and ideological boundaries. The social advantages and disadvantages of such interactive social tools can be compared to elements within the history western enlightenment. 

The Republic of Letter:   During the French Renaissance access to printing press and stamps to some extent were controlled by French government and monarchy. Publishing was not open to all. Intellectual discourse was filtered and French  With the Advent of the Republic of letters, over time such resources became tools of the citizen of means, at least, for exchanging ideas and education.  

“Page 16.” The Republic of Letters: a Cultural History of the French Enlightenment, by Dena Goodman, Cornell University Press, 1994.